Shri D G Melamalagi Ayurvedic Medical college & Hospital

Dr.S.V Savadi road, Shivananda Nagara, GADAG

Department of Kaumarabhritya


Traditional and scientific heritage of Ayurveda is born for promotion and preservation of health. Ayurveda is treasure

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of knowledge and heritage with the history dating back 5000 years.

This time Department of Kaumarabhritya (pediatrics) of D G M Ayurvedic Medical college and Hospital is attempting to glean out ‘SWARNAMRITA PRASHANA’ project in order to promote health in children. Swarnamrita Prashna is a special medication containing Gold and other Ayurvedic brain tonics . The medicine is given on the day of Pushya Nakshtra every month to impart greater efficacy.

Administering Swarnamrita prashana to Healthy children every month,

  • Increases immunity & intelligence
  • Prevents common recurrent infections
  • Improves span of attention, memory,concentration and learning ability
  • Reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits, bed wetting and other psycho somatic problems
  • Promote health and intelligence in mental retardation and other developmental disorders
  • Good for sense of hearing, speech and visual acuity
  • Controls asthama and other allergic conditions
  • Traditional experiences says it is very safe
  • It helps to maintain health in healthy children by preventing diseases
  • Promotes health in the diseased
Dates of Pushya Nakshatra / Swarnamrita prashana in the year 2014
17 janaury Friday13 february thursday

12 march Wednesday

April 9 WednesdayMay 6 Tuesday

June 2 & 30 Monday

July 27 SundayAugust 23 Saturday

September 19 Friday

Ocober 17 FridayNovember 13 Thursday

Dcember 10 wednesday



1 DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur road Gadag

2 Shree Veerabhadreshwar Temple Tenginakayipete Betageri

3 Shree Sai Baba Temple Hatalageri Naka Gadag

4 Shree Pandit Panchakshari Gavayi Punyashrama APMC Gadag

5 Mahadevi Clinic, Kuratti Pete Betegeri

6 Ashraya Colony( S M Krishna Nagara) OPD of Our college

7 Patil Clinic Gangimadi road, Gadag


“Shape the future of your child, come it’s your program”

For further details contact; Cell – 9880252145,9448337855,9448544376,9448275050

Rs 50/- every month

Dr.G.B .Patil (Principal)